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Avocet Hospitality Group Acquires The Read House Hotel

CHATTANOOGA, TN (August 31, 2016) – Historic Read House Associates, LLC, a subsidiary of Avocet Hospitality Group (AHG), today announced the acquisition of The Read House in downtown Chattanooga.

Design Team Selected for Historic Read House

CHATTANOOGA, TN (November 15, 2016) – Avocet Hospitality Group (AHG) confirmed today that a design team has been selected for the multimillion- dollar renovation project planned for the historic Read House hotel.

Long Awaited Renovation of Starbucks marks the beginning of the Rebirth of The Read House Hotel

CHATTANOOGA, TN (For Immediate Release) – Starbucks, located in the historic Read House hotel in downtown Chattanooga, recently opened after a forty-five-day renovation.

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Reserving online is the easiest way to book a room at The Read House. *Please note that renovations in the main historic building will not be complete until October 2, 2018. Any reservations before then will be in a non-renovated room within the Manor Building.

Media Inquiries

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