Historic Chattanooga Hotels

This story begins 171 years ago in 1847, when Thomas Crutchfield built Crutchfield House, the predecessor to The Read House, which was built in 1872. Crutchfield House and the original Read House were among the most renowned hostelries south of the Mason and Dixon line, revered for their hospitality and extravagant amenities.

In 1867, after surviving floods and the ravages of the Civil War, Crutchfield House burned to the ground. Read House was built in its place and endured war, floods, epidemics, several owners, and potential bankruptcy. Despite these misfortunes, the storied pasts of these two landmarks withstood time. Both are featured in countless newspaper and magazine articles, as well as books.

In 1976, Read House took its place in the National Register of Historic Places. This celebrated hotel has been home to world leaders, presidents, celebrities, and many extraordinary events.

Most recently, Read House was purchased by Avocet Hospitality Group in 2016 and underwent a 25 million-dollar renovation. In October 2018, the doors reopened making The Read House Chattanooga’s most luxurious accommodations and gathering place, and ensuring guests will experience the best of historic Chattanooga hotels at The Read House.

Historic Chattanooga Hotels at The Read House


The Read House

107 W MLK Blvd
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Tel: (423) 266-4121